TRAVEL TIPS for remote traveling
Always report your intended route to loved ones beforehand.
No cell phone reception after turning off the tar road on both sides of  the 200 km-long road between Willowmore and Patensie.

Vehicles should be roadworthy and tyres in a very good condition. Spare parts
must include:

  • an extra fan belt;
  • a spare tyre in good condition with the correct pressure;
  • puncture repair kid;
  • plugs for tube-less tyres;
  • a jack;
  • a water container in case of emergencies;
  • a torch with good batteries;
  • jumper cables;
  • an emergency kid with: blankets, good walking shoes, insect repellent, and
    enough food for one day in case of a breakdown in the remote mountains.
  • well-stocked medical kid; No bilharzia or malaria present in the Baviaanskloof

Low-profile tyres – strongly discouraged!
Recommended size = 15 / 16-inch rims.

TIP: When passing through many water drifts over the road, park your car
in gear, and leave the hand-brake disabled for at least 12 hours. Many vehicles
experience problems with locked brakes due to the moisture penetrating the
asbestos in the brake – pads.

The road is not suitable for sedan vehicles or caravans!!

Fill up in Patensie, Willowmore or Uniondale. No fuel stations present in the