Book in Advance Please

Due to the long distances from major shopping towns, it is imperative, and will be appreciated if you book in advance for the purpose of buying and preparing meals.

On confirming a reservation with a deposit or booking voucher from travel agencies, the following conditions apply and are taken as accepted:


1.   Use of R332 – access to Baviaanskloof conservancy

Zandvlakte reservations are not linked nor subject to your access of the conservation area nor the use of the public road R332. We accept no accountability for any losses experienced, financial or otherwise, when access to the Baviaanskloof is limited by restrictions imposed by E.C.P.T.A(Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency) or the department of Public Works.


2.   Zandvlakte owners or management do not accept any liability or responsibility for  any losses of any kind incurred by road conditions, bad weather, or any other situation beyond our control that might restrict your access to Baviaanskloof or Zandvlakte. Failure to arrive will be regarded as a ‘No Show’ and the deposit will be forfeited.


3.   No show

Zandvlakte reception closes at 6.00 pm (18h00). Failure to arrive in time results in you forfeiting the booking. The accommodation units are available from 2.00 pm (14h00) to 10.00 am (10h00) the next day.

Please note that the access gate at Cambria (near Patensie) daily closes for traffic at 4.00 pm (16h00). It is recommended to enter at least around 1.00 pm (13h00).

Should Zandvlakte not be reachable via Willowmore or Uniondale on the day of intended arrival, the booking will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.


4.   Allocation of accommodation units

Zandvlakte accepts reservations on a first-come-first-served basis. Zandvlakte management may, for practical reasons if deemed necessary, be required to change the location of the Guests unit and reserves the right to assign a different unit without prior notice.

A minimum charge is applicable when an accommodation unit is booked by two, or less people.

More than two people are charged per person.

No extra beds are added to units, in this instance additional units must be booked. Please note that overcrowding of chalets will not be permitted.

Babies, younger than a year old, stay for free, provided the parents provide their own sleeping aid, such as a camping cot or any other bedding needed for the baby. No campers are allowed at accommodation units. Discount is applicable for children under the age of 12.

Accommodation is available from 2.00 in the afternoons until 10.00 the next morning.


5.   Reservations

When a booking is made, the ‘bank account holder’s name’ on the booking guarantees that he or she has the authority to accept the terms of the booking conditions. All the terms & conditions are deemed as accepted on receipt of deposit , or accommodation voucher by travel agents, and confirmed by fax or email.

Reservations, not confirmed by a deposit within 7 full days, will be cancelled unless prior arrangements have been made with Zandvlakte management.

If you want to cancel or change your booking to a later date, an amendment fee might be applicable.

The Zandvlakte management reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith and without liability on its part in the event of any damages or destruction of the allocated units by fire, floods or other causes.


6.   Payment Requirement and Methods

A 100% deposit confirms and secure the booking.  Payment of a deposit means you agree to our terms and conditions.

When you make your booking, a booking code will be provided by email which must be used as your bank reference. Any deposits made without the booking code, and without sending through the fax with proof of payment, will be lost and non-refundable.

Payment will be due in full (100% deposit of the amount due) 7 days after booking has been made and prior to occupation of the unit/s, in case of bookings made within 7 days of occupation, payment shall be due immediately.

Payment can be made via Electronic Bank Transfer only. No cheques or credit cards accepted.

In the event of the agreed full payment not received by the stipulated date on the confirmation of the booking, Zandvlakte management shall be at liberty to release the reservation without notice to you, unless alternative arrangements are confirmed with the owners beforehand by email.

Twenty percent (20%) of the total accommodation fee is non-refundable.  Kindly notify Zandvlakte immediately by email, if you wish to cancel your booking. No verbal cancellation will be accepted.

Please consider that most bookings are made months in advance and failure to cancel a booking within the predicated period leads to our loss of the potential to rent that unit to another party and other travelers are prevented from an opportunity to book.

In case of a no-show, payment will be forfeited, or alternatively you will be liable for 100% no-show fee if payment were not made prior to arrival.

In the event of Zandvlakte management instructing attorneys to collect any amounts owing, all legal fees and collection charges between attorney and guest / client shall be borne by the guest / client.


7.   Bookings from overseas guests

Overseas guests are charged an additional R150.00 administration fee if deposits are made directly from overseas banking accounts due to Reserve Bank and local commissions charged.


8.   Cancellation prior to arrival

Refund (20% non-refundable admin fee applies):

Cancellation by email:
30+ days before arrival – 80% refund
29 to 14 days before arrival – 50% refund
13 to 0 days before arrival – no refund
Early departure – no refund
No show – no refund

9.   Self-catering guests

Please be considerate.  Self-catering means that you not only provide and prepare your own food, but also properly clean up and store anything you have used for this purpose, with cleaning materials you have brought along.  Littering in, or outside the accommodation unit is not allowed due to the wild animals and insects being lured to the units which cause severe damage to property. Failure to comply with this request may lead to the pest animals being destroyed.


10.   Breakage and damage to property

Guests will be held responsible and billed for any damages to Zandvlakte property.

Towels that have been permanently stained when used to remove make-up, blood, or clean shoes, will be considered as damaged and be replaced at the expense of the guest.

We regret that no smoking is allowed inside the accommodation units and, should a guest not abide by this term the guest will be liable for any costs for additional cleaning and freshening of the room. Smoking is allowed outside.

You enter, reside, and use the facilities at your own risk. Neither Zandvlakte management nor owners will be held responsible for any damages or loss to you or other members of your party, or any of your property while in residence. Guests must take care of their children at all times. Children are not allowed to use any facilities, such as the swimming pool, without parental supervision.

Articles or display, equipment or guest property brought on to the premises are not covered by the Zandvlakte insurance policy and are brought onto the resort premises at the sole risk of the guest. Although the Zandvlakte management endeavour to take the utmost care at all times, it does not accept liability for loss of and / or damage to such items and / or property.

There are dangerous animals in the vicinity which should be seriously considered. Hiking or walking should only be done only on designated routes.


11.   Double bookings

Should a double booking occur for the same room type, Zandvlakte reserve the right at their sole discretion to accommodate the 2nd guest to arrive in another room type @ Zandvlakte at no extra cost to the guest.


12.   If accommodation is not taken up upon arrival

Accommodation must be accepted as offered upon arrival. Should guests decide to not make use of the accommodation, the deposit will be forfeited and Zandvlakte would be under no obligation to find alternative accommodation.