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Pieter & Magriet Kruger
Zandvlakte Farm: Baviaanskloof
P/o : Lulet
Distrik Willowmore
6452.  R.S.A


GPS : 33o  35.056″S / 024o 09.823″E


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You do not need a permit if you travel from Willowmore or Uniondale on the public roads to Zandvlakte.

if you’re coming from the Patensie side. Due to the dangerous animals present in the conservation area, it is not advisable to stop anywhere other than the designated areas within the reserve.

PERMIT: R40.00 PER PERSON: Permits are available at the western entrance of the reserve on the border of Zandvlakte. From the eastern side(Patensie side) the permits is issued at the Cambria gate.

Zandvlakte farm borders the reserve and is situated in the center of the Baviaanskloof valley.

Consider phoning ahead to notify your hosts of your departure in either Willowmore, Uniondale or Patensie.
There is no cell phone reception after turning off the tar road on both sides. Make sure you notify your family and friends in advance of your destination before you set out on the Baviaanskloof road. Zandvlakte offers Wi-Fi reception which are used for Whatsapp and Skype at no additional charges.



Willowmore and Patensie: ± 200 kilometer.
Drive time: nonstop: 6 – 8 hours. It’s not a good idea to set out at night. Consider the 160 000 hectare – size of the wilderness area neighboring Zandvlakte. You should be thoroughly prepared for the trip. The average speed through the conservation is 20- 40km/h

Willowmore to Zandvlakte: ± 98 km.
Drive time: ± 1½ hours.
Average speed: 70 km/hour.
More densely populated.

Zandvlakte to Patensie: 99 km.
Drive Time: 4 hours nonstop.
Average speed: 20 – 40 km/hour.

Zandvlakte is the last outpost before the remote mountains of the wilderness area is entered from the Willowmore side.


From Willowmore to Zandvlakte:
From Willowmore: Turn south on the George road. Three (3) kilometers outside town is the “Baviaanskloof/ Winterhoek mountains” -road sign. Turn left and follow the road for ± 35 km to Nuwekloof Pass.

NB!!  Some GPS  gadgets incorrectly indicate a turn off before Nuwekloof Pass is reached. Stay on the T1/ R332!

From Uniondale to Zandvlakte:
Follow the Willowmore road north. Plus minus 25 km outside the town a signpost indicates “Baviaanskloof/ Vaalwater”. Turn right. Drive 17 km. Turn left at the T-junction where the signpost indicates Baviaanskloof/Willowmore to the left. Drive 15 km and turn right at the T-junction indicating the Baviaanskloof to the right. (Willowmore is left ) You are now on the main route between Baviaanskloof and Willowmore. Nuwekloof Pass starts ± 4 km from there.

From Nuwekloof Pass
It’s the beginning of the Baviaanskloof. It is a 7 km pass. Always turn corners slowly and keep on the left side of the road at all times. If you want to stop for photos, make sure that your vehicle is parked in clear sight from both directions and off the road.
Zandvlakte is about one hour’s drive from Nuwekloof pass. Twenty kilometers before Zandvlakte a “Police = 7 km”- sign is posted on the left side of the road. Follow that road in the diraction of the police station. The Police Station is situated on the left side of the road and well sign-posted. Pass the station for another ±13 kilometers. You will eventually pass a church with a red roof on the left side. 1.5 km further down the road, coming down a steep hill, a signpost on the RIGHT side of the road indicates “Zandvlakte”. Turn right, pass the buildings and stop in front of the homestead. It is not visible from the main road, although quite near it.

Patensie to Zandvlakte:
Follow the main road north from Hankey right through Patensie. The tar road becomes a gravel road and passes Andrieskraal and Cambria. Stay on this main road and drive through 4 gates in the wilderness area – driving time approximately 4 hours. The access gate to the reserve closes at 16h00 in the afternoon during summer, 15h00 in winter.

The road snakes over three mountain passes. Zandvlakte is 13 km from Geelhoutbos and ± 4 km from the exit gate of the reserve. The homestead is on the left side of the road and well sign-posted. There are two entrances near to each other.


TRAVEL TIPS for remote traveling

Always report your intended route to loved ones before hand.

No cell phone reception after turning off the tar road on both sides of  the 200 km-long road between Willowmore and Patensie.

Vehicles should be roadworthy and tyres in a very good condition. Spare parts must include:
– an extra fan belt;
– a spare tyre in good condition with the correct pressure;
– puncture repair kid;
– plugs for tube-less tyres;
– a jack;
– a filled water container in case of emergencies;
– a torch with good, as well as extra, batteries;
– jumper cables;
– an emergency kid with: blankets, good walking shoes, insect repellent, and
enough food for one day in case of a breakdown in the remote mountains.
– well-stocked medical kid; No bilharzia or malaria present in the Baviaanskloof

Low-profile tyres – strongly discouraged!
Recommended size = 15 / 16-inch rims.

TIP: When passing through many water drifts over the road, park your car
in gear, and leave the hand-brake disabled for at least 12 hours. Many vehicles
experience problems with locked brakes due to the moisture penetrating the
asbestos in the brake pads.

The road through the Baviaanskloof Reserve is not suitable for sedan vehicles or caravans!!

Fill up in Patensie, Willowmore or Uniondale. No fuel stations present for the distance of 200 kilometer between Willowmore and Patensie